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Is it now easier than ever to switch broadband provider?

Hands -typing -2Have you ever thought about switching broadband provider, but been put off by the hassle of the process? There may now be a simpler way.

As of June 20th, new rules brought in by Ofcom for broadband and landline services with EE, BT, Sky and Talk Talk mean that if you want to change provider, you now only need to notify the company you'd like to switch to.

This removes the arduous task of informing the supplier you wish to leave; who often do their best to persuade you to stay with well prepared telephone scripts. Additionally, there's now no need to suffer the handover period from one company to another, which can be confusing and subject to delays. 

It's not all good news, though. Critics argue that this system may end up being potentially slower; due to a ten day notification period that accompanies the new process. It also carries the risk that consumers could be moved from a supplier without their consent,or face charges if they attempt to terminate their existing contracts early.

So, is this really an improvement? What are your views? Have your say in the comments below, or contact us.

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