Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

Blog - 2016

  • What’s the True Cost?

    What’s the True Cost?

    One of the most popular ways to get a deal these days is to use comparison websites, which claim to help you save up to hundreds of pounds on your car insurance, energy bills and mobile phone tariffs. But - while you may get an initial good price, is it really the bargain it seems? This all depends on how likely you will require any follow-up service contact with the company, shop or supplier that you've purchased from....More

  • Living In A Digital World

    Living In A Digital World

    How hard do you find it to contact companies' customer service departments or spent searching for the right phone number or e-mail address? Some companies actually hide their phone numbers in a misguided effort to force customers to use alternative contact methods. But are alternative digital channels working ?...More

  • EU Outlaw Automated Phone Menus

    EU Outlaw Automated Phone Menus

    European Parliament to bribe British public to stay in the EU by outlawing automated phone systems. In the run up to the hotly debated EU referendum in June many promises are being made by both the Bremain and Brexit camps, all of which have their benefits or detractions depending on your point of view....More

  • The Independent - Please Press 1: Calling time on those pesky phone menus

    The Independent - Please Press 1: Calling time on those pesky phone menus

    Nigel discusses Please Press 1 with Katie Grant of the Independent. I did caveat my phrase “a major problem facing humanity” and appreciate there are bigger life threatening things but probably not in the customer service industry... ...More

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