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Phone Rage Index - The most frustrating companies

Phone Tied UpThe Phone Rage Index is based on analysis of the UK based company phone menus held on Please Press 1, as well as user feedback. The index considers and weights the number of options, levels of menu, length of introductions, average number of options per level and the longest time it takes to reach the service.

I regularly review and  compile this data in the hope that it will not only enable consumers to be better informed about the service they can expect from companies, but also encourage the companies that feature to make improvements to their customer contact.


The Latest Phone Rage Index  - UK

This month, I've offered up a bumper Phone Rage Index, of the 20 companies that make it hardest for you to contact them...Despite new challengers (Currys PC World and BT), HMRC keep the dubious honour of topping the table again. They generate the most negative feedback comments by far as the frustration of dealing with them is felt by so many.
What do you think of this list? Should other comapnies be on the list? Let me know via Facebook or via our
 Service Feedback  - it may mean that your company features next time.


Rank Company Comments


HMRC The time to get through is costing UK callers and the economy a fortune. Why do we need all the information in between the options? Despite being top, HMRC can actually produce a good 4 Star Phone menu.. 


Currys _logoPc World A couple of mega menus here. I think all the recent mergers are one of the reasons for the phone menus expanding - but what about the customer? Summed up by the Rating feedback "Appalling. Just appalling. Should be a zero score".


 BT Many comments received about BT's service and absence from the last rage index including "They HAVE to be the worst" and "There is no provision to speak to a person!!!". So come on BT, publish your phone menus, link to PleasePress1 from your site and show you care. 


 Logo -tmobile Phone stolen? Been mugged? Emotionally upset? Feel like taking nearly 2 minutes to get through 6 levels of menu? It's well known that Emotional Customer + Good Service = Loyalty


 Tv Licensing A 1 Star rating due to 71 options over 7 menu levels - "Got 4 levels of options before you can actually speak to somebody, even then got blasted by loud Beethoven classical music - very frustrating!"


 Sky Logo Resized I'll leave this one to a customer comment... "Sky!! So frustrating! Leave u on hold for ages in between passing you around to various wrong departments!"


 Royal Mail Think the design of their General Personal Enquiries line needs a review... Or as one customer put it "Cannot get through to speak to a human being. No option for my query".


 Ticketmaster1 Did anyone really want to listen to the old Option 1,1 (their privacy and purchase policy)?  It lasted at least 15 minutes and has now thankfully been removed.


 Asda A lot of menu options (44) on here, but to their credit, Asda consistently have an "Anything Else" option which implies you can always speak to someone


 Virgin -Holidays -43-158x 104 When the site launched, Virgin complained, challenging my view that they had 93 options. I sent them the list of all the options and have not heard back since. Come on Richard, support your customers through PleasePress1 and show you care.

And the rest of the Top 20 are...

 Rank     Company                                          Rank      Company                                            


Talk Talk




Legalandgeneral _lg




Aa Logo 2


Argos -logo


Logo -ford




Studentloans _logo


Electrolux -logo 2

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