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Talk Talk

"My mother is with talktalk and she is having trouble with her phone line, it keeps crackling, she has been in touch with talktalk and all they say is try this, try that but nothing has been sorted, she was told by Talktalk to get in touch with BT to test the line going to her house as it is there (sic) line, she did this but they wont come and check it out as her contract is not with them, as her contract is with Talktalk it is surely up to them to come and check it out but they won't, my question is why won't somebody come and sort it out, she is paying for a service which is inadequate?"

"Phone line is making loud crackling noise, we have changed the phone to make sure it was not just a faulty telephone but it is not as it is still making the loud noise so you cannot hardly hear people talking, obviously the line is at fault." G.H

"Noise on line. Cannot hear speech. Tv drops out on talktalk. Internet intermittent.On line test reports all ok.Service centre unable to understand. They have reported system ok and fault cleared. Need to get engineer in field to fix. Am paying 71 pounds a month for what.Talktalk have a problem. NO FIELD ENGINEERS. How do I cancel agreement to get a better service." R.B

"We have had no phone line from 29 october. We have been told that service will be restored 3 times.I am most disapointed. Why cant they give a firm date" KTR

"Can I please terminate my contract with Talk Talk and can you put me in touch with someone that can help me do that." G.C

"After the storm, telephone cables have been wrongly wired. wrong telephones ring when we receive incoming calls. please tell us phone numbers we can cantact and speak about nature of the problem. we keep receiving 'problem sorted' into our mobile, but it has not been sorted out yet." N.O

Scottish Power

"After trying to contact them for 3 hours they promised a call back which would take place between 1 hour 20 minutes and 2 hours 5 mins. Yes they are THAT exact.... needless to say it took 3 hours 55mins. The woman asked for my details and then believe it or not the automated service kicked in and threw me out! what a waste of my time maybe I should warn them of recording the calls to invoice them for time wasted and charges to compensate time lost!" S.E

"I will never go with them again." N.P

"Over 1 1/2 weeks trying to get through. Still not spoken to a person. Their ring back service does not work. This service should be minus 1001 on your rating of 1-5."

"99% of the time they cut you off due to "high volume of calls".So far 2 weeks of trying to contact them but have not been able to get through by telephone.  4 Emails to date have not been responded to nor has a facebook message. 
Terrible company." G.A

"Terrible company to call. I tried the 0845 number several times yesterday, and gave up after 2 hours, not being able to speak to anyone." J.P


"BT are in a league of their own. The last thing I ever said to them was "For a world leader in communications, you're not very good at it are you". R.E

"Lost the will to live waiting for British Telecom to effectively deal with his call" S.D

"Have now spent 75 MINUTES onto BT to try and resolve a problem with my email account - still listening to music and recordings as I type this ... " H.T

"I have never come across a worse site , i have to repeat myself at least two or three times , and they keep on giving conflicting answers , they do not know what there (sic) own devices do. And if they keep all there (sic) phone calls and not the ones that suit them, my hours of phoning would make a very funny book (but not for me). I tried to get BTsport at the end of july and am still waiting 3rd september , they have sent me five or six cards , but only three have got through and none work , i have been guaranteed two times that it has been fixed latest one i had to delete all my recorded tv, and i still dont have BT sport , i have emailed and they responded once they have ignored all the other ones . If i could give them a 0 I would." I.H

"Ordered BT Talk and Broadband to arrive on August 9th. It didn't appear, and countless hours on trying to contact you has finally led to me being promised my broadband hub for August 16th. Assuming this arrives on time, I will have been charged an extra week without service."


"I wrote a long letter to HMRC to complain about their system, after it caused me considerable problems. The answer I received totally ignored my comments about their lousy system, so obviously no-one at HM Robbers and Crooks cared about the problem - after all, we only pay their wages." K.W

"Waited over 20 mins for a a human to answer. "Megan" answered- she was brusque to the point of rudeness. It's as if they have to answer a quota of calls , so have to get through people as quick as possible." T.M

"I have contacted hmrc manchester over 100 times and never got through. On occasion I would be on the phone for 30 mins to be told the lines are busy.0161 830 4200. This has got to be the worst service I have ever experienced W.Miller
Absolutely useless. Even when I had ploughed my way through the menus I still did not get a response. My time is valuable and I cannot afford to waste it." M.W

 "Target HMRC. It took me a full half hour to get to speak to someone after all the choices. I had to listen to a crackly musical interspersed with apologies to be told by the 'helper' that I had only waited fifteen minutes -and then that they were busy anyway.She was even less helpful when I tried to interject. I was told twice I was being rude. The civil service as it currently is run is the furball in the nations throat." J.S

"They owe me £900 and I have requested it 3 times now (they don't send it automatically although they have all my details!) the first request was at the end of July and we are now early September! If I owed them, and didn't pay I would be fined and charged interest. But it doesn't work the other way around. It's a disgrace, and as for trying to ring them, - I was just sent around in circles and it was costing me money! Aargh...." K.W

"Thank goodness you have hmrc tax credits helpline on here! I phoned them the other day they service said the majority of their calls are answered in 10 mins. 10 mins later I was told I was number 1 in the queue. After a couple more minutes it was answered by yet another automated menu! It eventually took 30 minutes on the phone before I spoke to human being! I'll definitely be using this service in the future." K.F

"This has to be the lousiest service ever ... the ridiculously long menu, then (in my case) a 15 minute hold until eventually I rang off in disgust - this is not a service, it is a disgrace." K.W

"Utterly uselss at answering the phone. I skipped through the menu options using * 3 3 because I needed to change my bank details. It took almost half an hour for somebody to answer. I've never had such appaling service." A.S

"The obligatory non-skippable recorded message is enormously long, the number of options that have to be selected to talk to anyone are endless, and after wasting three minutes of my life listening to the recorded "help" and options (all of which seemed to have the aim of making me go away and do it by post), I was told "We can't take your call right now. Good bye".Insulting, uninformative, timewasting and gives no impression of according any value whatsoever to my time."


"Experience of Sky again. Looked on website. Gave me telephone number of Sky Talk team as I needed to listen to answer phone messages remotely. Got through to a person after 10 minutes. This person could not help, so person checked with a colleague. 5 minutes later, came back and gave me 4 choices of a PIN. I hang up. Tried all 4 PIN choices, none work! So I had another go at getting a Sky Talk person. Quicker this time just 5 minutes on hold! Explained all again to this new person. He tried to tell me that I could use a choice of PIN x 4. Explained that I had just done all that, so he put me on hold, and then disappeared! This little game took an hour! Good old SKY, can't answer a question, so they cut off."

"Don't think they actually have any customer service, just sales. My copy of the initial online chat with their "agents" runs to a few pages and an hour and a half of getting nowhere as they just give stock sales info, not answers: as to the weeks of then waiting for unsatisfactory email responses...."

Currys/PC World

"I have been trying to get through this morning and I've been waiting on the phone for past 7 mins.." R.K

"So many buttons to press" J.P

"Appalling. Just appalling." R.A

"PC  World are indeed a wretched company. Several years ago I bought a new computer with insurance from them. It was faulty and I returned it within a few days. I bought a new computer from them with insurance. Unknown to me at the time they had not cancelled the original insurance and had just added the two insurances together. Four years later they changed the method of insurance collection and then I noticed what had happened. They would not pay me back unless I produced the original receipts. The owed me nearly £500. After a month of hassle I threatened legal action. They ignored me. I sent a second threat and cc'd it too (sic) The Judge in the Sunday Mail and Watchdog. They paid the same day. Bad publicity is the key with this devious company." B.C

British Airways

'I am trying to locate my lost luggage. When I called, the phone message was no room for messages and then no person was available.'

   'There is no help this end, no-one from BA answering the telephone, I am disgusted with the service'

'The worst experience ever!!! I paid 100$ extra for another baggage on the flight and they lost my bag with all my essentials. It's been 4 days already and I filled a claim immediately but British airways didn't even bother to answer.Really?!?! They don't have time to answer in 4 days?!?! I'm disgusted with their customer support. They simply don't care'.

   'Unable to get through on any of the telephone numbers.Left holding on and then cut off after a few mins'.


'Non existant service, have tried for hours to get to speak to someone, no luck'

   'Trying to get a £20 Freedom Freebee, line just keeps saying "thanks for calling bye" '

'I cannot make calls or they are suddenly disconnected. Having been a Vodafone customer for over nine years, I am now considering changing to a more reliable source.'

   'All the options were automated! No one to talk to to address a problem. Definitely dumping Vodafone'.


'Customer service department not open at weekends or bank holidays' - D.G

    'I cannot connect to their 0871 number …I cannot get through to anyone.' -M.E

'I tried ringing the Flybe customer services and after the long introduction pushed the selected numbers and finally got a person. The young girl who answered said it would be best to call Edinburgh Airport direct and gave me a number to ring. I called this number which was no longer in use and was given another number and after the usual wait was offered different numbers and when I pushed the one that eventually gave me a person I explained about the lost briefcase and the gentleman said he couldn't help I would have to go through the airline (Flybe). He gave me a number to call - this was the one I originally called! I did call again and waited to push the numbers etc and eventually got a very helpful young man. I explained the situation to him and he said he would call lost property for me (he could not call me back because of the queing system so I held on the line)...I found this route quite frustrating to try to locate lost belongings. It would be nice if there was a dedicated line for lost property.' - JT

   'If FlyBe think I am going to pay 10p a minute to speak to them to make a booking, they are in cloud cookoo land, and in their dreams.' - T.B

I have tried to call their Customer Service line and was put on hold for over 20 minutes and gave up in the end.- B.F

   'So frustrated as no one can contact them direct by any form of communication.. will try the numbers on  - ever hopeful that it will not be engaged or just play 'Jet2' radio/advertising holidays' for 5 minutes (give up after that!) - W.A

'Contacting Jet2 is very difficult' - P.S

   'I have been waiting on the phone for 30 minutes so far still no success' - J.C

'I have been phoning for advice for 3 days now and I just keep getting jet2 voice mail which I find very frustrating as I need to talk to someone concerning my flight details. Been calling 4 or 5 times daily!' - P.M

T Mobile

   'Abominable service. Should be reported to trading standards for misleading advertising. The number given to report a stolen phone only gave 4 options: NONE OF WHICH related to a stolen phone. I tried 2 numbers, neither let me speak to a person to report my phone stolen 2 hours ago, just the same options to top up, become a customer etc...It will, I'm sure, cost me money now ringing this number uselessly. I will complain to the ICO and Ofcom. This service is atrocious.'- A.E

'Really really annoying, a complete waste of my time as I didn't ever get to speak to anyone and was referred to their website which doesn't answer my query!! There needs to be legislation to compel compamies to provide human support.' - E.M


   'Only way to contact Customer Services is by filling in an e-mail form which is not relevant to my query. Just had an e-mail response 10 days later saying they are very busy and will deal with my enquiry as soon as possible. 
In my opinion, Travelodge Customer Service is non-existant and I will avoid using them in future.' -DW

British Gas

'I spent some 8 hours on Monday waiting to be connected.Initially I waited some 1 hour 25 minutes and was then suddenly cut off. I redialed and waited again with the same end result. I then took up the option to book a return call which I got half an hour later, but only to be put back onto the same waiting list. As they close at 8-00pm I rang at 10 minutes to 8 and was told that the waiting time was now down to 45 minutes (!!) which was crazy as they were due to close.' - P.A


   'Lots of options & not very clear.' - B.M

National Express

'This number has very high wait times, and an automated message when you dial. I've just been holding on for 20 minutes (at 10p per minute), and still no reply. Their other number (03717 818181) is automated, with 5 options to choose from, and seems just as bad - although I only waited for 8 minutes before giving up on this one.' - J.S 



'Each time i try to email it states web page unavailable! Probably because i want to make a complaint! I phoned and was told i would need to email but i cant find an email address which isn't unavailable!' - K.O

'I am having so much trouble getting hold of anyone at Expedia. I have even emailed and that came back. The sevice is appalling. We have tried on the phone a few times only to be cut off, not just me - a family member has also been trying to get hold of someone from Expedia only to find the same trouble as me.' - P.W

'I have tried to call but just wasted my money on such poor customer support.'- L.L

'I have been trying to change a return flight from the Us to Ireland for the last 3 days, and i still cannot get this done...I have spent 2+ hours on the phone, and also waiting on people to call back...I was told I had got the flight changed but as yet I have had no confirmation of this...' - W.E

'I booked a 1 night stay from 3rd to 4th June. Three times now I have had confirmation of wrong dates. I have spent the last THREE days phoning and emailing trying to get these dates rectified. '- B.S

'I would give Expedia a rating of ZERO if it were available. Despite numerous phone calls, nobody has got back to me to inform me as to when the surplus monies taken from my account by Expedia are to be returned to me, and when Expedia is going to sort out their double booking of two separate airlines for our return flight to Malaga. All I have from Expedia is the statement that they have set up a billing enquiry. Later today I will go on social media to remark on the lack of service and on the complete disregard for a customer that is Expedia. Operation would appear to be a complete shambles!' - S.H

'Made a booking through  expedia on 3rd of November 2014 and cancelled on the 7th of same month but I have never received my refunds back, even after representatives promising to do that in 8 weeks. 8 weeks are over now, the tenth week is elapsing but still nothing, they are not responding to my emails.' - N.W

'Very unhappy with customer support. E-mail link from website did not work. On calling an expensive help number I was cut off twice and on other occasions passed from one department to another.' - M.C


'WORST COMPANY EVER. Didnt collect after two days, lied about collection, no contact with them, stupid customer services...DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY, I will be after a full redund!' - R.H

'Appalling service! I will ensure whatever I orderonline that they do not use your service for delivery as it is always a  huge disappointment.My delivery was confirmed for today, I have booked a day off work to receive  it. At 13.30pm I received a txt from your driver that he missed  me....IMPOSSIBLE!  I have not moved from home since last night!  He also mentioned he left a card but no card has been left.' - M.B

'Worst company I have ever dealt with. No wonder on some websites the rating is 1.7.  No way to get through to speak to anyone. Last time they delivered the parcel to the wrong house.  If I had known that the current supplier uses them I would not have purchased. I have warned them of the problems I have experienced and that I do not want the parcel delivered - even they can't get through to them.  Don't use them.' - E.N

'The automated service at  Yodel is shocking. Unable to speak to a human, which would be a nice option under circumstances...Yodel need to look at their automated service urgently, Sometimes plans have to change and an automated message can not think like a human. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT AN OPTION THAT YOU WILL SPEAK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS IF ALL OTHER OPTIONS FAIL , Most frustrating automated service ever !! :(' - S.P

'Useless....... didn't even ring the bell, just chased after the van like a lunatic but he still drove off, he must have tip toed up to my door to shove a card through the letterbox, tried to ring  yodel to tell him to come back, but there are no contact numbers only automated messages which kept telling me they could be of no further assistance.  DON'T EVER USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT TO KEEP ANY CUSTOMERS' - H.B 

'Please be aware that I have NOT received this parcel.I have paid for my goods & would like to receive my parcel asap.  Yodel, whom I spent far too long waiting on the phone for, tells me this is delivered.  Driver must have put it in a safe place SOMEWHERE but NOT where it should have been delivered with PROOF it was received, i.e a signature. ' - C.W

'Poor comunication, trying to get through as the last time you delivered to the wrong address and need to ensure you get it right this time. Appalling contact centre.' - D.P

'Very upset your driver has lost my parcel. I've had to make non stop calls and not being put through to a manager. I have asked 5 times to be put through and I keep being told manager is on phone or not available. I'm disgusted with the whole way that I've been treated.' - A.S

Vanquis Bank

'I have just spent over an hour on the phone waiting for some kind of response. I have tried so many different numbers for Vanquis all with the same result. All I get is silence after putting in my card number. Absolutely abysmal service.' - B.S

'No one answers the phone just a computer'- P.K

'Unable to get through,cut off various times,  STILL haven't spoken to someone, 
called nearly every number with no success and just automated messages. 
Absolutely ridiculous!  I've started to believe that  Vanquis itself is a con as i've spent a good amount of time over the phone now paying charges for absolutely no reason. EVanquis is non-existent and doesn't seem to recognise me whatsoever. Vanquis all a massive joke.' - J.S

'There's no proper number where you can actually GET THROUGH TO A PERSON! The geographic no's shown keep getting that annoying message saying;- "The number you've dialled has not been recognized". Then I tried dialling 0843-713-7301 and disgracefully NO ONE ANSWERS!  (Jesus - what a shoddy way to run a company!!!). Then I try ringing no: 0843-713-7301 and all I get is that same damned nonsense menu again which NO USE TO ME AT ALL. I NEED to speak to  Vanquis urgently.. I need to speak to a HUMAN BEING please - if they care to remember what that is? Why can't they be arsed to supply us with decent, prominent helpful no's which quickly route us to where we need to go?' D.W

First Utility

'Trying to phone - impossible.Customer services promised to resolve my problem which has been going on since Aug.2014'. I was promised closure and compensation, still nothing no compensation. Four letters, long long phone calls passed from pillar to post still no help. I am at my wits end.' - C.S 

'Dreadful company. I've been trying to close an account for 4 months. 
They over billed me by £2,000! Admitted they made a mistake and have still not corrected it. You have to wait on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes to get through to an idiot. Their prices are not cheap enough to be worth it - the worst customer service ever.' - S.A

'Have been trying to contact them  for the whole week but always have to wait between 25 and 32 minutes  and between 20 to 30 in the queue.Unacceptable.' - R.F

'Their "customer service" is non-existent. No reply to emails and they don't answer the phone, just keep playing hold music until you lose the will to live.' - R.K

'Extremely poor phone service, worst i`ve ever come across. I had to hold for 50 mins before someone finally answered. I actually felt sorry for the man who was very apologetic but obviously really stressed out and began stuttering after having to get advice from his supervisor which meant putting me on hold a few more times and being out of breath from rushing to an fro (poor guy). I wasn't even angry as he was very nice and helpful and I understand it`s not his fault. I've done similar work myself along time ago and know how nasty and rude people can be so I have empathy for anyone just trying to earn a living and do their best.  Maybe they`re short staffed due to so many complaints. 
Anyway I`m a new customer with them but now I wish I hadn't switched as there has already been too many mix ups and now the thought of phoning them fills me with dread and frustration; due to the length of time trying to speak to someone. Now I am contacting them by email only. If you read their reviews it`s full of the same complaint.' - V.P

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