Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly


Press Coverage CollageGreat Media Coverage.Since the UK launch in May 2013, has experienced a huge amount of media exposure, appearing in all major UK newspapers, radio & TV including Newsnight, The Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Breakfast News, The One Show, Watchdog,
Have I Got News For You, and Rip Off Britain.   

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Thousands of Visitors and Supporters.  With over 2 million page views, support from the frustrated UK public has been incredible. Thousands of people have contacted us to share their frustration and take our survey - many visitors to the site are seeking a better service from their companies - an incredible 75% who took our survey said they would consider switching companies due to poor service or phone menus.

Companies responding positively. Many companies and organisations have provided their phone numbers and menus to PleasePress1 (for FREE !) - they are positively responding to their customers and showing they care about providing a good experience. There are some great advantages in them doing so - see 'How Companies Benefit' for more details.

Unique Advertising Opportunities. offers some great opportunities for companies to explain, support and sell their services and products to their own customers  See how you can directly 'Advertise to Your Customers'.  This unique aspect also provides a great chance for competitors who provide a better service, to directly target their competitors' customers. See 'Target your Competitors' for more details.


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