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Please Press 1 on TV...

You may well have seen on TV a few times in the last week. I've been delighted to have been a guest on a number of national news programmes recently, and have been blown away by the fantastic response the website has received from the media.

Have I Got News for You - 24th May 2013

Hignfy 2I was not actually a guest but was in the Picture Round. Paul Merton, Ian Hislop, Alexander Armstrong and the panel discussed on the broadcast of HIGNFY this week. Here are some photos of the feature. I think I got let off quite lightly in terms of comical jibes (thanks to the man with the "even lower boredom threshold" who collected bricks). But they did like the Aviva Music options I highlighted on the site .

BBC Newsnight -  17th May 2013

I was a guest on BBC Newsnight, presented by Gavin Esler (managed to escape a grilling from Paxman!). Good discussion on the validity and efficiency of Automated Phone Menus. We were joined by David Freedman, Managing Director of Confero Call Centre Services.


BBC Breakfast News- 18th May 2013  

I managed to wake up the nation with a chat about PleasePress1 on Saturday morning BBC Breakfast with Charlie and Louise




CNN International- 24th May 2013  

Nigel On CNNIt was a pleasure to meet Richard Quest of CNN International this week. Richard was incredibly enthusiastic about the site and it made for an entertaining interview including a live call trying out the service.  Watch it  here

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