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Since went live, I have received lots of feedback about the site, and found that many of you had similar grievances with Automated Phone Menus. You've been kind enough to share your thoughts, so I've published a few highlights and would like to say a massive thank you for all your support. Nigel

Support for 

"Give this man a knighthood" - Jess, London. Source: Mailonline

"A great and very useful site..I used your information this week, so I know it works..Keep up the good work." - Toni, UK. Source:Facebook.

"Fantastic Site..Saved me hours." - Simon, Glamorgan. Source:Facebook.

"Very Very helpful. I spent a very frustrated time this morning trying to get through to a person with no luck. Gave up. Just saw your article on the Daily Mail website and within a couple of minutes I had spoken to a real person and got the info I needed."- Tracey, Location:Witheld. Source:Facebook.

"Where have you been all my life. A great idea and thanks for doing all the hard work. You are now my search engine for all customer services before I ring them.Fantastic."- Ian, UK. Source:Facebook.

"Great idea! I hate being on hold to people. The website looks great and easy to understand..... great job and hope it goes well."- Name Witheld. Source: Telegraph

"This is amazing what you have done..As a hard of hearing person with 2 hearing aids, I struggle to get through to so many companies on the phone..This is not a new problem, it's an issue that I find I have on a weekly basis. You have saved me so many hours and potential costs for mobile phone damage! Thank you so much." Racheal, UK. Source:Facebook

"Something useful for once... Bane of people's lives these automated calls."- Lurch, Mallorca. Source: Mailonline

"Thanks mate" - Amy, London.Source: Mailonline

"You. Are. Genius."- Stan, Bucks.Source: Mailonline

"I think we've found our next prime minister". -Bob,Aldershot. Source: Mailonline

"Three cheers for Nigel Clarke ... Hip Hip .... Hip Hip .... Hip Hip ...." Deckard, London.Source: Mailonline

"So sharing this on facebook , cheers friend." - Bob, UK.Source: Mailonline

"Quality the automated nightmare seems to be there just to make more money this man is a genius" McLarenfan, UK.Source: Mailonline

"Excellent news...great to be able to put some manners on those abusive, service based industries. Thank you Mr Clarke." Name Witheld.Source: Mailonline

"I LOVE this man." - Oli, UK. Source: Mailonline

"I've just book marked this, thank you"- Leigh, Middlesex.Source: Mailonline

Your views on Automated Phone Systems and the companies that use them:

"I don't know how these systems started but they are a complete nightmare. By the time you have got the right person you have nearly lost the will to live...How large companies think that these systems are in any way good is beyond me. They treat customers with what amounts indifference or contempt.
Here's a free marketing tip:  Ditch these call systems, give customers back their dignity and watch as your company grows, with happy customers."- Greg, UK. Source: Telegraph

"What a good idea. These call menu's are a blasted nuisance. I phone and get a 5 option menu, then I have to choose from another loads of options, and some do not cover what I want to phone about, then more options, so that I press the number of the nearest one to the option I want. When I finally get through, I am told I am in the wrong department and they say they will transfer me to the correct one, and the dialing tone goes on.....and on......and that I eventually give up." -Roy, IOW. Source: Mailonline

"Call centre automated menus are made deliberately complex to dissuade people from using them and to generate extra revenue from keeping people on the phone.The 'your call is important to us' couldn't be further from the truth."- Paul, Location Witheld.  Source: Telegraph

"Unfortunately UK companies treat their customers' time with absolute contempt - they obviously find it cheaper to recruit new customers all the time than to hang on to those already recruited." MP.Jones. Location Witheld. Source: Telegraph

"Automated call centres are unfortunately yet another example of how poor customer service is actually highly profitable (as it lowers costs) despite the guff written by management gurus saying the opposite."- Bob,  Location Witheld. Source: Telegraph

 Your views about being on hold:

"Sounds like a good thing to do, is there any way to bypass loud music when put on hold?" Lynne, Glos. Source: Telegraph

"I get really mad when I am paying for the call and I get twenty minutes of Vivaldi." Name & location witheld Source: Telegraph

"Robotic voices are a turn-off, and varying volume is really annoying (and especially when the on-hold music v. loud). Then, taking a minute to advertise some product or new service without the possibility of escape - that has to be listened to in its entirety everytime one calls! - is just ridiculous." Name  & location witheld. Source: Survey

"I have a husband who is deaf in one ear, option menus are a nightmare and usually result in me having to go through the system for him until someone answers the call. The bad background music and the constant interruptions with 'your call is important to us' are also very hard on people with any hearing difficulty."  Name & location witheld. Source: Survey

"I hate it when you repeatedly get the message, once you are queuing, "Your call is important to us ......." Name & location witheld. Source: Survey

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