Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

How Companies Benefit

Please Press 1 not only benefits customers, it benefits companies as well....

Help calm and serve your frustrated customer

This is pretty obvious but many of your customers are coming to Please Press 1 as they want to contact you and want to get through quickly and easily - chances are that they are already a bit frustrated with you as a company and may be ready to take their business elsewhere.

I appreciate that not all companies want to make it easy for their customers to call them and that many actively try to discourage contact by phone due to the costs involved in providing that service - companies are actively encouraging the use of equivalent web services as it is cheaper for them to process.  

Divert call traffic to your website.  

However, from the feedback and research I have done, many customers don't use the web service because the service they need is often hard to find - with the Please Press 1 phone menus, you can easily show,  for each phone menu option, a link to the equivalent service if it is "Available On Line"  Available _online Cropped 

One click and the User is taken there - to your website - this saves them a phone call, reduces call traffic and volumes, increases web traffic to your site.  This is currently a free service - so with little effort and no cost you can get some immediate benefits to you and your customers.  Interested ? Contact me for more information 

Provide information or FAQ links to save your Customers calling

Quite often, customers are trying to contact you simply because they want some information .

There is an opportunity to provide this information as they don't have to call. This is great customer care and also saves the cost of receiving another call. This information could even be provided for specific phone numbers or services that you offer. You could also advertise and promote the fact that certain services are available on your website or via other channels  e.g on-line chat etc.

Do you really value your customers ? Then show them you care  

By providing phone menus and useful information to Please Press 1 you are helping your customers and demonstrating your customer values in practice, in a very visible  and public way. Many companies  talk about caring for the customer, others prove it - and show they care.

Companies that support PleasePress1 by providing phone menus and updates will be given appropriate credit,  praise and kudos that they deserve - see Provide Your Phone Menus for more details


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