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Your Valentine customer service champions revealed!

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On Valentines Day, we asked you to vote for the companies you love from the hundreds listed on Please Press 1. And vote you did!  We all hear so many complaints about companies, it was great to hear about those who deliver service that shows they care about their customers. 

Top of the heap came internet giant Amazon, who were praised for their user friendly website design and reliable, efficient delivery service.

Surprisingly, both Npower and  Western Power did the utilities sector proud, with praise for their understanding approach and speed of service respectively. 

Some companies not previously listed on Please Press1 were mentioned and these have now been added to the site. We even got a mention ourselves which was much appreciated. Here are some notable highlights from the many entries we recieved...

Amazon "...So efficient in every way. Their website is one of the best and easiest to use. The goods you order always arrive in the timescale they have told you. If you need to phone them, they answer quickly and deal with the query whilst you are on the phone. They then send you an email to confirm what they have done... I cannot fault them and they are a pleasure to deal with." - J.G 

Ulster Weavers "...The customer service department could not have been nicer - sending proof of posting, suggesting how I could follow up with the Post Office, following that up asking me if I had had any luck, checking again and then being delighted when it turned up, adding that they hoped I'd be a customer again. I certainly will. All that for something that cost £6.50. " - J.B 

Npower "...The advisor could not have been more helpful, understanding and respectful of my circumstances. Indeed, I believe it directly led to a letter, a short while later, from Western Power (the Generating company), who told me our household was put on the Priority Servicelist for notifying on power-outages due to my Mother being classed as vulnerable (93yrs). With all the bad press that Npower usually get, I think their customer service in this respect deserves a good mark!" - D.T

999inks "..By delivering quickly. Helping out with first class delivery post when I had an emergency. Good with returns which are few and far between. Good with swapping old inks for new when I changed printer. Very helpful people on the phone as well." - T.S

Western Power "...Fixed a power cut fault very quickly in the middle of the night just under a year ago. All we knew of their presence were the lights of their vehicles outside the house...recently repaired another fault very quickly and phoned back afterwards to make sure we were re-connected." - J.D  

Fenwicks "...Going out of their way to ensure we were completely satisfied with our order and the delivery and fitments of same, plus some excellent after sales support. Immaculate service." - G.F

BT "...I would like to nominate BT - even though I had lost broadband connection twice in a week, I phoned the customer service number listed on Please Press 1.  I think I was told that the queue was quite long to I tried the ring back service called Queuebuster I think - they came back to me very quickly each time and were most helpful in resolving the problem, even though I am not that technical." - G.K 

Capital One "...Extremely polite on the phone and immediately moving me up to someone who could help when it was clear the first-line tech wasn't able to help me, without me having to ask." - S.R  

John Lewis "...Dealing with replacement of a faulty Laptop, by refunding my money + £100 and a £100 gift voucher."- P.C  

PleasePress1 "...I have spent several days trying to speak to HMRC re a tax code. All I got was music for 15 mins on several occasions and gave up. It costs money after all.  Today I followed your advice and stayed silent through the questions, then pressed the number options you suggested and got through to a very nice human being. It took less then 4mins and most of that was listening to the blurb on their system. Thank you so much!" - K.G 

Thank you all for your great responses. As ever, I welcome feedback and suggestions on ideas for the development of the site. If you want to tell me more about what you expect from customer service, please take our short survey.

23rd Feb 2015

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