Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

A tale of woe from a Sky customer

Hands _at _keyboard .previewLast time you were on a company website, searching for a Customer Service phone number, you no doubt saw the option to 'chat online'. 

Many companies are using this service in a bid to drive customers away from their phone lines;apparently in order to save you time, and the cost of calling. However, there's little doubt that it saves them a pretty penny too. One of the benefits of online chat is that it's supposed to be quicker than calling. You don't have to hold in a queue, or navigate your way through endless phone menus. However, as the Daily Mail reports, one Sky customer found out recently that it's not always a better option!

Having been previously unimpressed with their phone service, Gavin Hackwood recently used online chat to contact Sky's customer service  department in order to  cancel his contract; a process which took him an unbelievable 96 minutes & over 3,600 words. Not only that, but it was a waste of time, as Sky refused to action his request over a technicality on his account. The technicality in question was that he had previously requested to cancel another aspect of his service.

Sky Logo ResizedDespite Gavin's clear and polite assertions that he was uninterested in continuing with Sky throughout the chat, he was still subjected to a barrage of questions from the advisor, who refused to action his request without going through the 'process'.  Unsurprisingly, Gavin was not impressed, and claims that the 'process' in question is simply a stalling tactic, to encourage customers to give up on their cancellation & remain with Sky.

After he escalated his complaint,Sky later cancelled Mr Hackwood's contract as a 'gesture of good will', and apologised for the service he experienced.

Have you ever used online chat? Did you find it preferable to calling? We're keen to see if others have experienced similar frustrations with this method, so please get in touch to share your views.

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