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What is all about? is a free service designed to make the consumers life easier. When calling customer services that have Automated Phone Menus, many people have to spend a lot of time unnecessarily listening to long lists of options that are not relevant to them . We provide the telephone numbers  and menu options for hundreds of companies and services within the UK. When you know the menu options you need in advance, you can skip through the menus quickly, saving time, money & frustration.


Is there a charge for using Do I have to sign up to anything?

Please Press 1 is a completely free service, and requires no membership or sign up programme.


What sort of company details do you have?

We have details for over 130 UK companies, ranging from  Banks, to Insurance Providers, Hotels, Department Stores, Telecommunications, Supermarkets and many more.


How do I search / What can I search for?

You can search for the menu options you need by entering a Company Name, Service or Department name, a generic term such as 'Pet Insurance', or even by entering the phone number that you would like to see the options for.


What does Press Ahead mean?

To 'Press Ahead' means that you don't have to listen to all the menu options if you already know the ones you need to dial. For example, if you know that you need menu option 8, as soon as the menu options begin you can press 8 right away, without listening to all the options that come before.


When I've dialled, do I enter the numbers all at once?

No. Each menu option is used at a different stage. If your menu options are 6348, dial the number and wait for the first list of options to start. When they do, press 6. Then wait until you hear the next list of options begin. When they do, you can press 8. Repeat this process for all the menu options you have.

What happens if I need my account number / policy details?

If you are likely to need an account number, policy number, or any other personal details during the call we will flag this to you. You will see our Blue information Icon, and a warning message telling you what details you'll need to have ready before you call.


What does the 'verified' logo mean?

If you see the verified logo on a company page, this means that the phone numbers and menu options you see have been provided by the company themselves, and are the  very latest versions of their menus. We commend companies who wish to come forward and make it easier for their customers to contact them.


Who is Nigel Clarke?

Nigel Clarke is based in Kent, England. Nigel is a consumer just like you, who found himself so frustrated at being subjected to endless automated phone menus that he decided to do something about it for everyone. Nigel's background is in IT and project management, and he has a real dislike for poor design, so bad automated phone menu systems are his pet hate. His aim is for companies to make it easier for their customers to contact them.


Are you linked to the companies you feature? is not affiliated with any of the companies that feature on the site. Companies who wish to provide their menus on are welcome to contact us to arrange this.

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