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Please Press 1 Facebook Feedback has received some fantastic feedback from our Facebook users.

Here is just a selection of the feedback....

Facebook Thumbs Up

"This site looks very useful"- M. Rhodes

"What a life saver - thanks! :-)"- G.Ross

"Good on you, brilliant idea!"- J.Cooling

"At long last , someone who has a brain!" - C.Evans

"Handy site to have in your favorites"- I. Parmenter

"Top man! :)"- J.Camilleri

"Bloody Genius! Well done."- D.Boast

"Thank You Nigel.It is about time these companies started to realise that we are fed up with all this nonsense."- R.Williams

"Well done you! This deserves publicity."- S. Lawrence

"Hopefully the Mr Big Corps will take on board this useful, free, feedback on their services!"- P.Coghill

"Sounds like a good idea to me."- J. Denison

"Innovation at its best!"- C. Wild

"This is an excellent site, thank you so much."- H.Grundy

"At last!! We have 'the weapon' Thank you SO much."- M. Otley

"Very useful product!!!" -M.Harkins

"Well done will keep this in mind when I need to call somewhere that needs options." -D.Morton

"This should save us all some time and money. Brilliant idea."- M.Bentley

"The thing you always longed for, a shortcut through the options mire."-A.Whitehead





Facebook comments

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