Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

Considering Customer Service BEFORE you buy

Do you consider the quality and and cost of Customer Service you'll receive BEFORE you buy a product or sign up to a supplier?

We all know that when choosing products and suppliers, shopping around for the best deals is a wise move. In recent years, consumers have become increasingly savvy when it comes to getting the best value for money. Entering a contract with any large company, be it a gas, phone, banking or insurance provider; is a big commitment, often tying you up for at least 12 months.

But once you've purchased a product or joined up and paid your direct debit for service, what control do you have over the level of customer service that you receive? The answer all too often is very little.

What is the hidden cost of post sale customer service ? How do you know what level of customer service you will receive after you have bought ?  Just a quick bit of research and asking yourself a few question could influence your decision.   Here are some suggestions ... 

1) How easy is it to contact the company I am about to buy from if I need to ?

2) Are their phone numbers easy to find on their website and literature  ?

3) Can I contact them the way I prefer ? Phone, email, social media ?

4) How easy is it to contact them by phone ?  

5) Will it take a long time to get through their phone menus ?

6) Am I likely to be kept in a queue ?

7) How much is it going to cost to contact them ?  

8) Do they have freephone numbers or and expensive premium rate numbers ?

9) What has been the experience of others trying to contact them ?

10) How much of my time and money will it cost me in addition to the purchase price ?  If I buy a more expensive product and get a better service will it be cheaper overall ?

Many of the answers can be found on Please Press1:
- You can find the phone numbers for the companies and their services
- Looking at the phone menu design and star rating gives a good indication of how much they care about their customers.
- Viewing the 'contact us' links on each company/service page shows you other contact options
- You can be aware of the cost of calling different phone numbers
- Reviewing the experiences and comments of others can also help yoru decision

Give it a try, it could save you Time, Money and Frustration. Perhaps the product won't look such a good deal when you cost you a lot more time and money contacting the supplier in future....

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