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Young Enterprise and PFEG Merger Event at Admiralty House

I had the pleasure of beign invited to attend the Young Enterprise and PFEG merger event at Admiralty House this week.

It was a great night focused on the importance of financial education for the students of the United Kingdom and encouraging young people to develop their business skills. I was in esteemed company with such noted guests as Oliver Letwin MP and Martin Lewis of

As ever, Martin Lewis spoke with great enthusiasm and support for the cause and it was great to see and hear about some great examples of educating the young in both busines and finance. 

It is incredible that 70% of employers think that school leavers are not ready for work and they have trouble finding the quality of applicants they need for entry level jobs.

YE & PFEG want to "save a lost generation of young people from the effects of long-term unemployment" and they are forming many partnerships with schools and employers build such skills required into the curriculum and give them skills for life.

Both Young Enterprise and PFEG are important charities and I'm sure by joining forces they will have great continued success. I hope to be able to do some mentoring next year and I encourage everyone to support this great cause in any way they can. Find out more at the Young Enterprise website.

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NC 20th Oct 2014

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