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Moving Home can be a double edged sword. It's hugely exciting to get your hands on those keys and make a fresh start; but the price you pay is the mountain of  calls to suppliers that you have to make before and just after your move.

You'll no doubt remember the main ones- Gas boardPhone Suppliers and the like. But what about the less obvious ones? Amending your Car insurance policy, or informing your Breakdown supplier of your new address? These are often forgotten and not remembered until it's too late. Got a TV license? Your address needs to be updated, as these are registered to the property, not the individual.

Even your Pet may find it unnerving to settle in to a new location- if they are micro chipped, you need to make sure you update your address details with your Microchip provider, just in case they wander off in search of familiar pastures. And don't forget your post! The Royal Mail  can ensure that all those 'New Home' cards are able to safely wing their way to your new front door.

Is your mind spinning yet? Well there's no need to worry. We can't take all the stress out of moving for you, but we would like to help. We've put together a checklist of suppliers you may need to call. It has useful numbers for all major suppliers , and provides the menu options  you need to select. So when the time comes to make the calls, you can skip through the menu options, spending less time & money on the phone, and more time enjoying your new home!

If you're not moving home, do you know someone who is? Please help them by sending them the link to this page.

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