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Please Press 1 announces venture with soh

I am pleased to announce that as part of my ongoing campaign to further improve customer service communications, I am now working with leading expert in service communications, soh.

My aim is for companies to improve customer service, and so I've carefully chosen soh to work with as they share my ethos on this. They have a great deal of experience in IVR design and work with the largest contact centres in the UK.

soh will use PleasePress1's wealth of data in conjunction with their extensive experience of  Phone Menu design (IVR) to improve the phone menu service of their client's systems.

Since PleasePress1 launched I have been invited into many organisations to discuss their phone menus, and I'm now delighted to be helping many more improve their IVRs through my work with soh. It will really make a difference for the many millions of people who are customers of the organisations that soh and Please Press 1 work with.


DSC_1710-edit -b    Soh Logo




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