Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly

Are you frustrated with Automated Phone Menu Systems?

Our research indicates that there seems to be a very wide general and serious frustration when calling and hitting the “Please Press 1….” phone menu systems of major companies.

Angry Face PhoneThe frustration results in many not pressing any options at all, pressing random buttons, #, 0 etc in the effort to get through quicker - but does this approach actually save time? If you get through to someone, do you just end up just waiting for them to find out what you want and being out on hold before they transfer you to the right person? This could be the person who you might have got through quick via the menu system? We can understand the reason for doing this and it probably makes the caller feel better that they have 'beaten the system' but the caller may still lose out and the company may lose also, Do we care?

Well, if we believe that these 'Please Press 1' systems are put in place to filter the calls and direct them to the right person as quickly as possible, then we assume the company is trying to set it up so it is best for them and best for the customer.  The problem lies in the design and structure of these menu systems and how difficult it can be to get through all the options to the right service.  Navigating these systems can take 2-3 minutes sometimes and that is before they even get into a queue ! Companies need to make it easier for their customers to get through else they will try to beat the system. What are your views ?  Please contact us or take our survey

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