Phoning Call Centres? Get through their menus quickly in the Media

Since Launch has featured in a wide variety of national and International media, and has also grown a strong online presence. 

Take a look at some examples of our launch  Media Coverage

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Social Media Coverage

Facebook Feedback
"You are on my favourites bar and I will be using you constantly. Thank you"
"Liked and shared on my page, will be referring to your advice on a regular basis. Thank you for all your hard work to help others"
"Thanks for a great service and less frustration"
"Used this site to jump the queue of HMRC after their menu cut me off at my first call. I got through almost straigt away- very pleased".
"A great and very useful site...used your information this week so I know it works...well done...keep up the good work..."
"What a flippin fantastic creation Mr Clarke! Creativity and ingenuity on the web at its best!"
"At last, we have 'The Weapon!' Thank you SO much"
"This is such a great idea, add the website to your favourites, it can save you time and money!"
"Fully support the idea here. A simple concept that all companies should be supporting and promoting on their websites"


Press Feedback
"Give this man a knighthood" - Jess, London. Source: Mailonline
"Great idea! I hate being on hold to people. The website looks great and easy to understand..... great job."- Name Witheld. Source: Telegraph
"Something useful for once... Bane of people's lives these automated calls."- Lurch, Mallorca. Source: Mailonline
"You. Are. Genius."- Stan, Bucks.Source: Mailonline
"I think we've found our next prime minister". -Bob,Aldershot. Source: Mailonline
"Quality the automated nightmare seems to be there just to make more money this man is a genius" McLarenfan, UK.Source: Mailonline
"Excellent news...great to be able to put some manners on those abusive, service based industries. Thank you Mr Clarke." Name Witheld.Source: Mailonline


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