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Royal Mail

PLEASE NOTE:   Some  phone numbers may be out of date and phone menus have also changed, following the Covid-19 pandemic.   We are in the process of updating these details.

If you are a Royal Mail customer, we are very interested to hear about your views on their phone menu system or customer service via the Facebook comments below or contact us. If you are Royal Mail themselves, then why not talk to us at Please Press 1 to discuss how we can help you help your customers? 


Services Available

Service Phone Number
Business Enquiries08457 950 950
General Personal Enquiries03457 740 740View Menu
General Personal Enquiries 084508457 740 740View Menu
Query on Our Website (Calls Within the UK)08456 060 406
Redirections (Calls Within the UK)08457 740 740

We welcome your views on Royal Mail in the comments below. Any posts suspected to be false or misleading in any way will not be published. Haven't found the service you require? Request

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