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HMRC National Insurance Enquiries for Employees and Individuals (0845)

0845 302 1479

WARNING - THERE IS A CHEAPER 0300 NUMBER AVAILABLE FOR THIS SERVICE HERE. When calling HMRC you will notice they require voice recognition to speak to an advisor. Please Press 1 has tested some HMRC lines and found that if you ignore all the voice recognition prompts by remaining silent for about 40 seconds, you are then given push button options. This particular line has not been tested, but we believe it works in most cases, so if you prefer push button options you may want to try remaining silent. If you do try this, please let us know how you got on here
We have rated this service as average because it includes Voice Recognition and/or Account Numbers (or similar inputs).
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WARNING: Unless stated above, listen to each Introduction. PAUSE & WAIT for each menu to start before you PRESS AHEAD selecting the next menu option.
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We aim to ensure the information provided is as accurate as possible but companies sometimes change their menus round without informing us. This is particularly true in 2020 given the Covid-19 situation.  As a result Please Press 1 accept no liability for any loss direct or consequential (including, but not limited to, time or financial cost) arising from inaccurate data. If you find any data that is not accurate, please let us know welcomes opinions and reviews from consumers. In line with our fair and impartial ratings policy, we actively moderate all posts submitted. Any posts suspected to be false or misleading in any way will not be published.

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