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British Gas

The U.K's largest Electricity and Gas company. Providers of various home services including boiler & kitchen appliance cover, as well as buildings, contents and landlord insurances.

PLEASE NOTE:   Some  phone numbers may be out of date and phone menus have also changed, following the Covid-19 pandemic.   We are in the process of updating these details.

If you are a British Gas customer, we are very interested to hear about your views on their phone menu system or customer service via the Facebook comments below or contact us. If you are British Gas themselves, then why not talk to us at Please Press 1 to discuss how we can help you help your customers? 


Services Available

Service Phone Number
(P.A.Y.G) Home Energy Top Up 0800 107 0188View Menu
(P.A.Y.G) Moving home 0800 048 0303View Menu
Account Enquiries 0800 048 0202View Menu
Account Enquiries (Calling From Abroad)44 113 298 0900
Central Heating Breakdown Non Home Care Customers0800 000 999View Menu
Central Heating, Plumbing 0800 294 9650View Menu
Energy Saving Advice0800 072 8629View Menu
Gas Supply Installations0800 072 5280
Gas or Electricity Theft0800 587 2737View Menu
Home Energy Top Up 0800 107 0188View Menu
Moving Home 0800 048 0202View Menu
New/Replacement Boilers0800 009 4369View Menu
New/Replacement Boilers Customer Service Contact Us0800 009 4369
Pay as You Go Accounts0800 048 0303View Menu
Pay as You Go Energy Enquiries 0800 048 0303View Menu
Plumbing & Drains Breakdown Home Care Customers0800 294 9650View Menu
Plumbing & Drains Breakdown Non Home Care Customers0800 197 0570View Menu
Plumbing & Drains Breakdown Non Home Care Customers Contact Us0800 197 0570View Menu
Website Support0800 048 0505View Menu

We welcome your views on British Gas in the comments below. Any posts suspected to be false or misleading in any way will not be published. Haven't found the service you require? Request

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